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Dating game

Dating game

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Dating game

This is certainly an activity that is great getting pupils chatting. I’ve utilized it effectively with several levels that are different age brackets and now have unearthed that it is extremely efficient at encouraging teenagers to talk.

It really is specially helpful for practising appearance that is describing character and passions.


You shall require an array of flashcards of men and women, a combination of many years and types.


  • Put an image of an individual in the board and inquire the learning pupils to inform you his/her title, age and work. Write whatever you are told by them in the board. At first they could be a bit confused and think that they ought to know the individual, however they will quickly obtain the concept.
    • Then inquire further to physically describe him/her. Once more, compose exactly exactly what they let you know regarding the board. Continue doing this means of his/her character and hobbies. You need to get a paragraph profile of the individual.
    • Browse the description of the individual and elicit through the pupils because they are single and would like to meet a man/woman that he/she is not happy.
    • Then stick to the procedure that is same to generate a description of the individual that they wish to meet. During the end of all of the this you need to have two information.
    • Tell the students that you see most of these explanations in ‘lonely hearts’ pages in publications and papers. You might even bring some in to demonstrate them.
  • Supply the students a picture each and tell them not to show it to anybody. You might need certainly to stress this, since it is an urge to exhibit the images to friends into the course. The pupils then need to write a description of the person into the picture therefore the individual they wish to fulfill. Point out that they are able to utilize the model regarding the board as helpful information. Monitor and feed in language because they require it.
  • Inform the learning pupils to go out of their images face down from the dining dining table and also to mingle. Desire to is for them to try and locate a partner when it comes to individual inside their image. At reduced amounts they could make the description they mingle with them as. They should keep in touch with everyone and not simply be satisfied with the initial one who occurs asking concerns to make certain they get the right individual. Additionally, it is an idea that is good play some intimate music into the history because they are mingling (Marvin Gaye or Stevie ponder).
  • Once you’ve given them sufficient time to locate partners, stop the experience (if they’re being very choosy give them a period restriction and let them know they have to compromise in order to find a partner). Conduct a feedback session and inquire the pupils to share with the course about their invented character additionally the partner they have discovered. The course may then look at pictures for the first time and determine when they think it’ll be an effective relationship.

Follow-up ideas

  • Pupils can compose the tale of the relationship or can compose letters towards the partners that are new.


  • You can easily replace the context and replace the pictures for the people who have images of houses/flats and get the students to be either auctions or purchasers hunting for a location to call home. Once more they could compose information of places they would like to offer (of varying criteria) and places they would like to purchase, mingle and attempt to find their fantasy domiciles.
  • It is possible to adapt the idea that is basic suit a variety of topics.


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